Taster Standard & Latin Ballroom Classes

Taster Classes (for Ballroom Beginners)

Moving in harmony with someone else is a sublime experience, whether you are dancing to a gentle Waltz or to a lively Cha cha. Come to one of our taster sessions to get a sense of the challenge and fun involved in learning to cooperate with your partner so you move together with the music.

To get more than a taste, try our Beginners Courses.

What do we cover?

For a one-hour taster we teach the basics of a single dance. Given two hours we teach the basics of two dances, one Ballroom and one Latin.

The Ballroom dance we teach is usually Social Foxtrot. Social Foxtrot is an elementary Ballroom dance useful for dancing to slow Frank Sinatra type music. The Latin dance is usually Cha cha cha, which is the cheekiest of the Ballroom Latin dances and good fun.

We teach to the same standard as in the beginners classes. Since you will recapitulate some of the taster material in the beginners classes, we offer the latter at a reduced fee if you have previously attended a taster class.