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About Ballroom Dancing Classes, London & Cambridge

Contact information

The most effective means of contact is by e-mail. The address is
where you replace "..." with "Marcel" (without the quotes).

Alternatively, if you have Javascript enabled in your browser you should be able to click this link:

You can also call the mobile number on this website but e-mail does have the advantage of generating a written history.

Marcel's postal address is
           2 Fitzroy Lane, Cambridge, CB1 1HE

Marcel Satchell

Marcel is the organiser of ballroom-dancing-london.co.uk. He has been teaching partner dancing, and in particular helping beginners evolve into confident social dancers, for over ten years. He is a member of the International Dance Teachers' Association (the IDTA). You can learn a bit more here.

Comments from students

Some of our students have been kind enough to write about their personal experiences learning to dance. You can read what they have to say here.