Testimonials for Ballroom Dance Classes & Lessons

You can read an article about learning to dance with Marcel (originally published in the Cambridge Evening News) here.

We have a great time at the class. Young people as well as folks like us who were fed up `shuffling across the floor' at every function for the last 20 years or more. Marcel has a lot of patience and makes sure everyone has as much attention as they need. Absolute beginners achieve an awful lot in just a few weeks and an added bonus - 2 hours of enjoyable exercise! We are keen to continue with more lessons after the end of this term.

Joe and Moira Upton

As complete beginners to dancing, as well as starting at a mature age, we were apprehensive at the beginning of the lessons. Marcel however, has been an excellent teacher, breaking things down and repeating sequences until everyone has grasped it. We are very impressed with the quality of the instruction, and the ease with which we were able to learn the dance steps. A very professional service, and most of all a fun class to attend.

Maria & Agnelo Carvalho

We have found that even within a group lesson Marcel manages to tailor his tuition to the needs of the individual. This means that everyone can learn at their own pace. The lessons can be as serious or as light-hearted as the participants wish. Having started lessons as complete beginners a number of months ago we can now hold our own in a selection of ballroom and latin dances. We thoroughly enjoy our lessons.

Jo and Jay Johnson

Learning to dance with Marcel has been absolutely brilliant.We have had a wonderful time - even when our feet seem to have no memory ! Marcel has endless patience and always inspires us to keep trying. Having started to dance, we cannot imagine ever wanting to stop. Thanks, Marcel.

Cathy and Paul Andrews

After stumbling along for three years with several different tutors we think ourselves as fortunate to have found Marcel a year ago. His patient (especially with Ann's heel turns!) but professional attitude have made our dancing progress at a rate beyond our expectations. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ann and Mike Wells

We've had great fun at Marcel's classes. And now we can dance the tango!

Pat and Mike Arnott