Continuation Ballroom Dance Classes

Beyond Beginners

Once your beginners course is complete you will be familiar with the process of learning to dance. Typically at this point it is possible for us to become more ambitious either with the pace of teaching or the material being taught. (If you feel unready to take this step up then you are welcome to reattend the beginners course.)

The content of a Beyond Beginners course varies according to the teacher's view on how best to proceed. There are at this point so many options for the teacher to choose from that it is pointless trying to cover them here. Needless to say we will move your dancing on smartly. In a sense this is the true beginning point. The beginners' course introduced you to modern social dancing. You are familiar with the process of learning to dance. Now we can really get started.

Improvers and beyond

Once you have attended "Beyond Beginners" classes you are ready for more advanced work: we aim to increase your confidence and familiarity with the construction of the dances you have learnt thus far. We introduce new figures and new ideas which are very characteristic of the dances in question. The gentleman's ability to produce clear shaping and the lady's ability to comprehend his intention develops considerably as the number of possible figures grows. The extra options now available to the gentleman makes possible a significant improvement in his floorcraft: the art of avoiding collisions.