St Joseph's

The address for this venue is

St Joseph's Presbytery
15 Lamb's Passage (off Bunhill Row)

The entrance to the hall at St Joseph's is located at the bend in Lamb's Passage; it is not located at the front of the church.

The door to the stairs that lead to the hall is located in a small car park surrounded by high railings:

Entrance to St Joseph's

The doorway can be seen to the right of the car in the above picture.

Once inside you go up one flight of steps and then you will have reached the door for the hall itself.

Inside St Joseph's

If you approach from Bunhill Row you will see a large sign to the church. Ignore the sign and walk on down Lamb's Passage.

If you approach from Chiswell Street walk all the way up Lamb's Passage until you reach a sharp bend to the right. The small car park is then directly in front of you.