Beginner Standard & Latin Ballroom Classes

What is taught?

We aim to teach at least two Ballroom dances and two Latin American dances over the duration of the course.

The two Ballroom dances are Social Foxtrot and a basic practice Waltz. Social Foxtrot is an elementary Ballroom dance useful for dancing to slow Frank Sinatra type music. The practice Waltz (sometimes referred to as a Wedding Waltz) is a stepping stone to the full English Waltz which is too complex to teach in a six to eight hour beginners course -- we teach it in the contination courses.

The Latin dances are Cha cha cha (Cha cha) and Jive. Jive is the lively, energetic international dance that goes with music related to Rock 'n' Roll. Cha cha refers both to a musical style and the dance that goes with it. The musical style is derived from Cuban Son (the root of Salsa). The dance is the cheekiest of the Ballroom Latin dances and good fun. A modification to Cha cha cha produces Rumba, which we usually find time to introduce as well.

All the dances are taught with modern technique. You learn the technical elements that underlie an efficient realisation of the fundamental elements of each dance. This is the same technique you would expect to see from professional demonstrators or competitors. Good technique makes a tremendous difference to your long term enjoyment of Ballroom Dancing.

We prefer to teach Ballroom Tango, Samba, or Quickstep, in continuation courses (for reasons you can read by clicking on the preceding links).