As professional dancers go I learned to dance late in life. I was at university (studying Physics!), the large and social university dance club attracted me.

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Learning to dance to a professional standard despite not starting in childhood has been a challenge. Habits of poise and movement are well established by adulthood and these habits must be uprooted if one is to dance to a high standard. I took (and still take) regular Alexander Technique lessons, which I have found provides the only reliable way to deal with such habits. My personal experience raising the quality of my poise and movement gives me patience and understanding with adults who decide to learn to dance. The habits acquired sitting at school desks and then later sitting at work, probably over a computer keyboard, can make learning any new skill that requires good poise and coordination a challenge.

On the positive side learning to dance provides a very healthy antidote to modern conditions of work. You are on your feet, moving about, having fun.

You can read an article about learning to dance with me (originally published in the Cambridge Evening News) here.