Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz comes significantly closer than English Waltz to a much older style of Waltz. Vestiges of the 18th century Ballet inspired technique remain in the anticlockwise turn and the traditional music is that of Strauss. It can be a hypnotic dance, both to watch and to perform. It is also fiendishly difficult, energetic beyond belief compared to the relaxed appearance presented to the onlooker, and prone to set the room spinning about you. The music is twice as fast as that for English Waltz and you make an extra 45 degrees of turn per bar by comparison.

A fabulous dance in small doses, we teach this only in advanced classes. We need lots of room, excellent forward swing and contrary body movement, the ability to make clockwise turns very early and anticlockwise turns very late, and a good understanding of inside and outside of turn.

Wedding couples sometimes want to dance a Viennese Waltz. A fast continental Waltz is probably a more appropriate choice: easier to learn and you can give it a more intimate feel. It fits in a small space too.